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Welcome to 31 Old Broad Street

Located in the heart of the city, 31 Old Broad Street is London Bridge Hospital’s advanced, private medical centre. We specialise in orthopaedics and breast care, and with eleven consulting rooms, a specialist Research and Outcomes Centre and dedicated facility for minor procedures, we are perfectly placed for busy professionals to benefit from our wide range of diagnostic and treatment services.

From the latest, minimally invasive techniques in orthopaedic surgery, to advanced screening facilities including digital mammography - we offer patients exceptional care, underpinned by our continual investment in state-of-the-art equipment such as the 3T MRI scanner.


Within our centre we promote a multidisciplinary approach - with our leading consultants, many of whom trained at London’s most highly regarded teaching hospitals, sharing their expertise wherever required to ensure patients receive the very best care and treatment available.

Why choose 31 Old Broad Street?

Orthopaedic Unit

We are renowned for our dedicated orthopaedic unit, offering patients highly specialised care and treatment across a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Our leading orthopaedic surgeons use the latest minimally invasive techniques, resulting in quicker recovery times for patients undergoing surgery.

Research & Outcomes Centre

As part of our commitment to ensuring patients benefit from our ever-improving, ever-evolving service, along with London Bridge Hospital we have established the Research and Outcomes Centre to record invaluable and incredibly detailed pre and post-operative data on our patients.

Breast services

We offer all patients visiting us the full range of diagnostic breast services. From tomosynthesis – a 3D imaging tool that detects early signs of breast cancer, to our comprehensive, triple assessment screening pathway as part of our one-stop breast clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised, patient-centred breast care.

Diagnostic facilities

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities mean patients can be assured they’re receiving the very best in imaging services, across all of our specialties and sub-specialties. We invest heavily in the latest technology, including the 3T and 1.5 MRI scanner, as well as our daily ultrasound clinic which is available to all who visit us.

Walk-in X-ray

Our walk-in X-ray service provides unparalleled support to our orthopaedic unit in particular. Patients who have been referred can be X-rayed immediately, with our consultants providing rapid diagnosis and support in any treatment or surgical procedures that might be required as a result.

Wide-ranging expertise

Throughout 31 Old Broad Street, our multidisciplinary team of leading consultants, imaging specialists and clinical support staff take great pride in delivering the highest standards of care. In addition to orthopaedics and breast care, we offer specialist expertise in pain management and sports medicine, all of which are supported by highly advanced medical technology.

Our medical and surgical consultants at 31 Old Broad Street

The unique location of 31 Old Broad Street, combined with our advanced facilities means we attract internationally-acclaimed consultants to work with us, including many from London’s renowned medical teaching institutions.

We support each consultant closely by providing an MDT structure. This allows them to come together as a group to assess each patient’s case, with the sole aim of achieving the best possible treatment outcome for every individual visiting us.

Orthopaedics at 31 Old Broad Street

Our dedicated orthopaedic unit combines state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of leading orthopaedic consultants and surgeons, ensuring patients experiencing musculoskeletal problems and who live and work in the area receive the highest standards of care and treatment, without having to travel too far.

We offer a range of services within the unit, from precise imaging as part of our X-ray and MRI services, to our specialist knee clinic and minimally invasive surgical procedures for patients with ongoing foot and ankle, hand, wrist and shoulder, spinal and other related conditions.

Research and Outcomes Centre

The Research and Outcomes Centre at 31 Old Broad Street is a data driven facility, established to gather comprehensive and detailed information on our patients, both pre and post-operatively. This important information enables our clinicians to provide far more advanced and in-depth quantifiable data on patient outcomes than other healthcare networks.

Supported closely by London Bridge Hospital, the Research & Outcomes Centre is staffed by dedicated research physiotherapists and Clinical Nurse Specialists, who each undertake large volumes of clinical audit and prospective research, always with a clear aim of identifying ways in which we can evolve and improve upon the services we offer.

Comprehensive, one-stop breast care clinic

As part of our one-stop breast care clinic, we offer patients the full of breadth of diagnostic and breast imaging services. From advanced tomosynthesis to help detect early signs of breast cancer, to ultrasounds and core needle biopsies if required, you can have peace of mind in knowing you’ll be receiving the very best in breast care and assessment.

In many cases same day results can be given, and so if treatment or further testing is recommended, you can be assured of a seamless pathway referral on to London Bridge Hospital, all as part of the patient-centred, personalised care we offer.

Phlebotomy services

Our blood test (phlebotomy) department at 31 Old Broad Street is central to our advanced diagnostics service.

We have a dedicated room where our nurses carry out blood tests on patients experiencing an array of different conditions. These tests will then be processed and reported in your full medical report.

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London Bridge Hospital

31 Old Broad Street is an advanced private medical centre, supported closely by London Bridge Hospital, one of the leading private hospitals in the United Kingdom. Should you be referred here for treatment or any other reason, you’ll benefit from unrivalled care carried out by internationally-acclaimed consultants, who share a depth of expertise across all major specialties and sub-specialties.

If for any reason you’re unable to make an appointment, or cannot travel to 31 Old Broad Street, we can arrange for you visit London Bridge Hospital for care and treatment of your condition without any problem whatsoever.

How we work with doctors

We're proud to work with leading consultants who choose to practice in our facilities and provide us with advice about clinical quality.

Our location

31 Old Broad Street



31 Old Broad Street is in the City of London, only a short walk from Liverpool Street, Bank and Moorgate stations.

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