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What to look for when choosing your fertility treatment

Choosing the right fertility care is important. Here are some of the most crucial things to consider when making your decision.

  • A history of continued success
  • Philosophy and practice of the clinic and its clinicians
  • Success rates and results
  • Leadership in fertility medicine
  • Access to doctors and nursing teams throughout your journey
  • Leading technology and scientific practice

Pregnancy calculator

Establish your own chance of achieving a pregnancy at Lister Fertility Clinic using our celebrated pregnancy calculator.

Success rates

2020 has seen us proudly pass the 20,000 mark for babies born from treatments under our dedicated team.

Our results can be analysed in more detail and personalised by using our Pregnancy Calculator, based on data collected at Lister Fertility Clinic over a 5-year period.

Unique counselling service

Read about our ‘Open Door’ counselling sessions which cannot be found in any other UK Fertility Clinic.

Fertility Information Events

Each month the Lister Fertility Clinic hosts a number of events for people looking to find out more about fertility treatments.

Our fertility consultants lead these sessions and cover topics such as IVF, Egg freezing and Egg sharing, offering people a chance to ask questions as part of each session.

These events are free-of-charge and currently take place online. 

Contact us about having fertility treatment

Our helpline advisors can assist with enquiries and help book an appointment with a fertility specialist. Alternatively you can submit a request for an appointment at one of our fertility clinics.


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