Leading Consultant Cardiologist in London and Buckinghamshire

Dr Segal can see patients at The Harley Street Clinic by appointment.

Please note, Dr Segal is fee assured with Bupa and AXA PPP, so no additional fees for consultations or procedures will be invoiced above their agreed rates.

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Get in touch with Dr Segal to book your consultation

Consultations for new patients and follow up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes.

Please bring documentation from previous medical consultations (including ECGs and other test results), if available. UK residents should bring a letter of referral from their GP (or from another medical specialist). Dr Segal is recognised by all major private health insurance companies in the UK. Patients with private medical insurance must contact their insurance company prior to the appointment in order to obtain a pre-authorisation code or claim number.

We will send invoices directly to an insurer only if a pre-authorisation code is provided. Please note payments made by an insurer are considered to be a contribution towards the cost of treatment. The ultimate responsibility for payment lies with the patient. The exact level of cover and any potential shortfall (for which the patient will be liable) should be established at the outset.

Our Location:

Admitting Rights

Dr Segal has admitting rights and can perform procedures at the following hospitals:

The Harley Street Clinic

The Wellington Hospital

London Bridge Hospital

Please check with your insurance company which hospital(s) your cover permits access to.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that should you need to cancel your appointment, 24 hours’ notice must be given or an account will be rendered, set at the full cost of the consultation, which is not eligible for reimbursement by an insurer.
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